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 HomeLocalBusinessTravelCross-Straits NewsInvestmentBlueprintPhotosForum中文Home LocalTsinghua PhD students conclude project in Pingtan( chinadaily.com.cn )Updated: 2013-08-19 PrintMailLarge Medium  Small0A total of 17 doctoral students from Tsinghua University, one of Chinas most prestigious universities, concluded a six-week project involving social practice in Pingtan.Zhang Xiaoping, an official of the university, said at a briefing on August 9 that Tsinghua has maintained a tradition over the past two decades of sending PhD students to every corner of China to gain experience.He also said that he had seen “unexpected results” during his visit to Pingtan, and that he hopes the students will serve as a bridge between Tsinghua and the county.Gong Qinggai, director of the Pingtan administrative committee, said that the county welcomes talents from Tsinghua University to contribute to its development.Pingtan and Tsinghua University signed a cooperation deal in May involving graduate students from the university.
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