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ChinaHarbor seals trapped in icy lake(chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2010-01-10 14:54Large Medium SmallSeveral harbor seals are seen trapped on the icy surface of a lake in a tour spot in Yantai, a coastal city in east Chinas Shandong province, January 10, 2009. Workers at the resort later help break the ice on the lake surface to save over 60 trapped harbor seals. [Photo/CFP]  Previous Page1 2 3 Next Page    Previous Page1 2 3 Next Page  SpecialsTop 10 celebrity break up in 200910 Years of Going West StrategyWorld Expo 2010China Daily, BFSU agree on cooperationmoreArt MonkBuddhist monk Shi Daoxins daily routine is not about chanting scriptures, meditating or temple ceremonies – rather, he spends his time listening to different categories of music, updating his blog, exchanging messages and emails with fans…Elderly Online GamersCompared with white-collar workers, elderly players have more time on their hands for online games.Gossip GirlTaylor Momsen pictured on the set of “Gossip Girl” in Uptown, Manhattan, January 7, 2009.Celebrities at the 2010 Peoples Choice Awards in Los Angeles January 6, 2010.Yaos childNews that the wife of Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets All-Star center, is pregnant has sent netizens rushing to predict Baby Yaos height and gender in the hopes that the child will someday lead the national basketball team.ColumnRaymond ZhouThe fourth dimensionHong LiangWhitewashed with snow, strain, smileAlexis HooiMaking way now for a graying concernLi XingA serf in the Internet kingdommoreChina Daily E-paperChina DailyUS Edition21st CenturyBusiness WeeklyChina Daily PDFSubscribeAdvertiseJobsAbout Us

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