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Photos |中文 HomeLocalDandong offers kindergarten financial aid to needyBy Zhao Qian ( chinadaily.com.cn )Updated: 2012-11-28The Dandong finance department will provide kindergarten grants for families with financial difficulties in the city, Dandong News reported online.Children from families with financial difficulties in urban areas will receive 2,400 yuan ($385) per person every year. Those from rural areas will receive 1,200 yuan ($192).The financial aid policy aims to reduce financial burdens on farmers and vulnerable social groups in urban areas in addition to promoting educational fairness and social equity.The subsidized children will hail from preschool programs at kindergartens in Dandong. They include children who come from families with financial difficulties, orphans and the disabled. In China, preschool education usually lasts three-years.Migrant workers can also enjoy the policy after being assessed by local education and finance departments.Edited by Michael Thai    About Dandong VideoDialogue between Dandong and Incheon  SpecialsLocal products2010 Yalu River International Tourist FestivalDandong gallery 

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