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HomeGreen ChinaPolicyGreen CompaniesNew ProductsGreen Living NewsEventsBeauty of a Beijing spring( 21:45Comments New ProductsCharger captures power from WifiA US electronics company invented a charger that draws its power from Wifi signals, according to seeds chewing gum bottleThe “Green Seeds” chewing gum bottle designed by Jiang Gonglue makes it easier for you to deal with gum residue.Bulb water heaterA French graduate designed a kettle using an incandescent bulb to heat water, according to dezeen.commoreEventsChina International Green Industry Expo 2010The China International Green Industry Expo 2010 (CIGIE 2010) is an important international green industry exhibition hosted by the Chinese government and held at the Beijing Exhibition Center, Nov 24 to 27.China Wind Power 2010 Conference&ExhibitionChina Wind Power 2010 is the largest and most important international wind power conference and exhibition in China.TradeWinds Shipping China 2010TradeWinds Shipping China 2010 moves to examine every important facet of the shipping industrys fortunes.more

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