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免费订阅30天China Daily双语新闻手机报:移动用户编辑短信CD至106580009009Get Flash PlayerDownloadFoxconn Technology Group has vowed to investigate the hiring of underage interns at its plant in Yantai, Shandong province.The company has confirmed that vocational school students age 14 to 16 had worked at the factory for three weeks.”An internal investigation by our company found that some participants in a short-term student internship program administered at our base in Yantai are under the legal working age of 16,” the company said in a statement. “This is not only a violation of Chinas Labor Law, it is also a violation of Foxconn policy, and immediate steps have been taken to return the interns in question to educational institutions.”The statement added that Foxconn will work with the educational institutions to fully investigate “how this happened and the actions that must be taken to ensure that it can never happen again.”The company admitted it is responsible for the violations and said it has apologized to each of the students who were involved in the case. It also pledged to fire any employees who were found to be responsible for the violations.Louis Woo, spokesman for Foxconn, said the company immediately began an investigation into the matter last week after learning of the underage employees from an NGO, which he declined to name. The allegations were eventually substantiated, prompting the company on Monday to send home all of the students under the age of 16 who had been working at the factory.Foxconn, based in Taiwan, employs nearly 70,000 workers at its factory in Yantai.”We are really sorry and we apologize to the students for causing this inconvenience,” Woo said, adding that all of the companys factories have been ordered to look into whether they employ workers or interns younger than 16.He said the interns at Foxconn cannot be forced to work, can quit any time they want and are not allowed to work night shifts or overtime.”Interns are paid the same salaries as ordinary workers at Foxconn, so there is no reason we would take these risks (of hiring underage interns),” he said.Foxconn has a short-term internship program with various vocational schools and other educational institutions on the mainland. The internship programs last from three to six months.A student at Yantai Engineering and Technology College, who asked to remain anonymous, told China National Radio that he had once worked night shifts at the Yantai plants circulation department. He said the schedule was difficult.The factory eventually “fired” him after he took leave three times without first receiving permission, and a teacher at the college told him he would also be expelled from the school for failing to finish the internship, China National Radio reported.More than 50 students at the college under the age of 16 were employed in the factory in September. The report said some of them worked seven days a week.The college disagreed with those claims on Wednesday.”Nearly 95 percent, or even 98 percent, of the students who participated in the internship program we had with Foxconn were older than 16,” a publicity officer at the college who only identified herself as Zhong said on Wednesday.Zhong said no student has been expelled because they failed to complete an internship, adding that the college has not made money from the programs.However, Duan Yi, a lawyer at Guangdong Laowei Law Firm, said underage labor is too common in China.”Weve dealt with cases in which schools made profit by establishing partnerships with factories and sending students to work there.”(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)About the broadcaster:Nelly Min is an editor at China Daily with more than 10 years of experience as a newspaper editor and photographer. She has worked at major newspapers in the U.S., including the Los Angeles Times and the Detroit Free Press. She is also fluent in Korean. 分享按钮中国日报网英语点津版权说明:凡注明来源为“中国日报网英语点津:XXX(署名)”的原创作品,除与中国日报网签署英语点津内容授权协议的网站外,其他任何网站或单位未经允许不得非法盗链、转载和使用,违者必究。如需使用,请与010-84883631联系;凡本网注明“来源:XXX(非英语点津)”的作品,均转载自其它媒体,目的在于传播更多信息,其他媒体如需转载,请与稿件来源方联系,如产生任何问题与本网无关;本网所发布的歌曲、电影片段,版权归原作者所有,仅供学习与研究,如果侵权,请提供版权证明,以便尽快删除。精华推荐美剧里的匆匆那年2014年全球最火歌曲:Happy英语点津2014年度十大英语新词英语点津2014年度十大新闻热词《中国日报》版《甄嬛传》热门台词英译 关注和订阅2014十大英语新词2014年度十大好剧本文相关阅读Students made to work at Foxconn as internsApple and Foxconn: Running rings around the iPadFoxconn says emergencies are overFoxconn chief apologizes for spate of suicides本栏目最新推荐Schools ban Christmas eventsSafe distance for students12 apples beat iPhone6Armored van spills $4mTiananmen in Shanghai?Billboard for sons birthday人气排行48小时一周一月视频专题  Focus走近兵马俑感恩节特辑:一起说谢谢!迎中秋 赏名诗英译翻吧推荐A spent forceA fine kettle of fishCall it evenHalf girl, half woman翻译服务中国日报网翻译工作室我们提供:媒体、文化、财经法律等专业领域的中英互译服务电话:010-84883468
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