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No search party was coming to look for these men. So most of us have never experienced a situation as frightening as the one in which these sailors found themselves, but we all know what its like to be afraid.  We know how fear feels, but Im not sure we spend enough time thinking about what our fears mean.  As we grow up, were often encouraged to think of fear as a weakness, just another childish thing to discard like baby teeth or roller skates.  And I think its no accident that we think this way. Neuroscientists have actually shown that human beings are hardwired to be optimists.  So maybe thats why we think of fear, sometimes, as a danger in and of itself. “Dont worry,” we like to say to one another. “Dont panic.” In English, fear is something we conquer. Its something we fight.  Its something we overcome. But what if we looked at fear in a fresh way? What if we thought of fear as an amazing act of the imagination, something that can be as profound and insightful as storytelling itself?  Its easiest to see this link between fear and the imagination in young children, whose fears are often extraordinarily vivid.英语课堂演讲稿2  ear students:How are you!  In the previous several exams, I have gained good results, first of all thanks to my efforts, of course, learning is also very important. Next, I gave you about my learning experience.I feel good in order to learn first-come interested in learning. As the saying goes: “Interest is the best teacher.” With interest will be motivated to learn, the more naturally learn better. Second, in order to improve learning, we must master the correct way to learn, learn to digest, giving top priority, this is the most important. In learning, our minds must have three words – “Why!” Smart people know that; wise men know to listen to; smart people know to ask. The last is sure to be hard work, this is the most important, even Thomas Edison said “Genius needs ninety-nine percent perspiration.”School should seriously lectures, and pay attention to more independent thinking, do not know want to ask, to exercise their thinking skills. Careful and meticulous to teacher assignments, must not be careless.  There is, to take notes, preview before clathe best, first have a preliminary understanding of the text, which for the next clacan more easily absorb. After-school must also be reviewed, and consolidate the knowledge about good teachers, and lay a solid foundation. The ancients have said: “Reviewing the Old, to be a teacher.” Not also the truth? Best to pay attention to work and rest. Only care about the death of reading is of no use to let my mind relax properly for the job such as playing baseball, listening to music, watch TV news.Finally, I want to say “do not you go stronger than others, then you have to and they are better than weak, you challenged yourself to stay on a par before himself, and you will reap better than others.”I finished the speech Thank you!英语课堂演讲稿3  Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen:  Id like to start with a group of pictures.  “Modern and advanced”This society forgets, and ignores the other two thirds of human beings. Its far from the ideal! We call ideal as a utopian, a place where reality does not exist. A few people still look forward to the ideals. We make fun of them, considering they are naive. Will we still be content to live in such a society, if misfortune drops to us? No! Of cause not!  When we feel the warmth of the sun, these people, endure great sorrows and pains. Can we imagine that? They are our brother and sisters!  Facing them, will we still complain about our own misfortune?  Facing them, will we still have the mood shouting for our own freedom? Facing them, will we still want to have more and more unnecessary stuff?  They are unable to meet their needs, even the basic needs of survival! Everyone, as a member of humanity, shouldnt feel ashamed? Our luxury deprived their lives, our indifference violated our soul, and our barbarity destroyed human civilization!  Whats the ideal society? Its a society no one worries about their living, a society no one is refused from education, a society everyone can pursue his/her own happiness! The ideal society is filled with love, joy and kindness. In that society, we can touch the others hearts, we can share our dreams and most important, we can just be the true men!英语课堂演讲稿4  Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. Today,we are gathering here to discuss a very hot issue. how to find harmony in a new age between man and nature? Where modern science and technology are concerned I am only a layman I have to say. However, living in this “new age” , seeing my dear ones suffering from respiratory diseases from time to time, finding the beautiful colors of green and blue are being replaced by that of gray and pale, and realizing that our mother planet is getting more and more unhealthy; I cant help trying to offer my idea and my trivial efforts to look for the answer of the question.  As the ancient Greek oracle goes: know thyself. I think in answering this above-mentioned question, this precondition is also very important.  Who are we? This is a question, which should be answered not only by those specialists, but also by every one of human beings.  Some people may proudly say: we are the masters of nature. It is true that the idea of “man can conquer nature” has dominated peoples mind for years, and it is true, man has kept acting like a master and doing whatever things he wants for thousands of years. However, as the consequence of this kind of “leadership” , now the “master” seems to be confronted with problems that are far beyond his control. Facts are really very ample. The green house effect leaves islands and cities along the coast, such as this oriental pearl-Shanghai, in danger of the disaster of being drowned; the holes of the ozone layer make the earth less suitable to live for some creatures including human beings; the phenomena of EL Nino and La Nina leave the land with serious flood and drought, and the diseases, caused by pollution, are increasing at an incredible speed… Seeing all these facts, can we still ignore the counterattack of nature? We are not the masters of nature. Facing all the disasters made by ourselves, we, mankind as a whole should realize that we are just a normal member of the big family of nature. Any mistreatment towards nature will meet only with the revenge from her.  By saying so, I do not mean we should give a sudden stop to any development. Because that will result in a threat to the existence of human society. I mean we should treat nature equally, leaving the chance of existence and development to nature as we are obtaining the same thing, and thus we will get the situation of win-win.  I am very pleased to find that now more and more people, from every corner of the planet, have come to realize that harmony with nature is the only way to universal and continuous progress and prosperity. And I think that is why we come here from all over the country to discuss this topic today.  I want to end my speech by quoting from Mr. Nixon. “Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.” The future is not ours to see of course. However, by seizing firmly the opportunities, by knowing clearly about ourselves, we, human beings, can doubtlessly achieve the real harmony with nature!  Thank you.英语课堂演讲稿5  In my 18 years of life, there have been many things. University days are the best part of them. I can never forget the days when I stepped into my university. I was impressed by its garden-like campus, its enthusiastic students and especially its learning atmosphere. I at once fell in love with it.  After the arduous military training, I get absolutely absorbed in my studies. The classes given by the teachers are excellent. They provide us with information not only from our textbooks but from many other sources as well. They easily arouse my insatiable desire to take in as much as I can.  Frankly speaking, at first I had some difficulty following the teachers. However, through my own efforts and thanks to my teachers guidance, I made remarkable progress. Now Ive benefited a lot from lectures and many other academic reports.  Learning is a long process; Ill keep exploring in the treasure house of knowledge to enrich myself. This summer I got out of the ivory tower and entered the real world. A publishing house offered me a part-time job in compilation and revision.  At the beginning I was belittled by my colleagues. But they were really surprised when I translated seven English articles over 5,000 words on only one day. Gradually, they began to look at me with respectful eyes. In their opinion I turned out to be a useful and trustworthy colleague.  I also realize that only those who bring happiness for others can be truly happy. So I often take part in activities concerning public welfare. I once went to a barren mountain village with my classmates. We taught the kids there who could not afford school. While showing them how broad and how civilized the outer world is, I was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, their honesty and their purity. I couldnt control my tears on the day when we left. The precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us, future teachers.  Besides study and social practice, there are entertainments as well. I do body building every day, hoping to keep healthy and energetic. We also write a play and put it on in our spare time.  Campus life is the most splendid time. But different people have different choices. The majority of students cherish their beautiful season and cherish the hope that one day theyll become outstanding. But there are indeed some students still under ignorance. They gather together for eating, drinking or playing cards. Theyre busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They forget completely about their mission as college students and the hope of their motherland.  Finally, I do hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy citizen of the country. I do hope everybody can become the backbone of our nation and make great contributions to society!英语课堂演讲稿6  happineis like a pebble dropped into a pool to set in motion an ever-widening circle of ripples. as stevenson has said, being happy is a duty.  there is no exact definition of the word happiness. happy people are happy for all sorts of reasons. the key is not wealth or physical well-being, since we find beggars, invalids and so-called failures, who are extremely happy.  being happy is a sort of unexpected dividend. but staying happy is an accomplishment, a triumph of soul and character. it is not selfish to strive for it. it is, indeed, a duty to ourselves and others.  being unhappy is like an infectious disease. it causes people to shrink away from the sufferer. he soon finds himself alone, miserable and embittered. there is, however, a cure so si-mp-le as to seem, at first glance, ridiculous; if you don’t feel happy, pretend to be!  it works. before long you will find that instead of repelling people, you attract them. you discover how deeply rewarding it is to be the center of wider and wider circles of good will.  then the make-believe becomes a reality. you possethe secret of peace of mind, and can forget yourself in being of service to others.  being happy, once it is realized as a duty and established as a habit, opens doors into unimaginable gardens thronged with grateful friends.英语课堂演讲稿7  Facing this audience on the stage, I have the exciting feeling of participating in the march of history, for what we are facing today is more than a mere competition or contest. It is an assembly of some of Chinas most talented and motivated people, representatives of a younger generation that are preparing themselves for the coming of a new century.  Im grateful that Ive been given this opportunity, at such a historic moment, to stand here as a spokesman of my generation and to take a serious look back at the past 15 years, a crucial period for every one of us and for this nation as well.  Though it is only within my power to tell about my personal experience, and only a tiny fragment of it at that, it still represents, I believe, the root of a spirit which has been essential to me and to all the people bred by the past 15 years.  In my elementary years, there was a little girl in the class who worked very hard but somehow could never do satisfactorily in her lessons.  The teacher asked me to help her, and it was obvious that she expected a lot from me. but as a young boy, restless, thoughtless, I always tried to evade her so as to get more time to enjoy myself.  One day before the final exam, she came up to me and said, “Could you please explain this to me? I want very much to do better this time. ” I started explaining, and finished in a hurry. Pretending not to notice her still confused eyes, I ran off quickly. Nat surprisingly, she again did very badly in the exam. And two months later, at the beginning of the new semester, word came of her death of blood cancer. No one ever knew about the little task I failed to fulfill, but I couldnt forgive myself. I simply couldnt forget her eyes, which seem to be asking, “Why didnt you do a little more to help me, when it was so easy for you? Why didnt you understand a little better the trust placed in you, so that I would not have to leave this world in such pain and regret?”  I was about eight or nine years old at that time, but in a way it was the very starting point of my life, for I began to understand the word “responsibility” and to learn to always do my duties faithfully and devotedly, for the implications of that sacred word has dawned on me: the mutual need and trust of people, the co-operation and inter-reliance which are the very foundation of human society.  Later in my life, I continued to experience many failures. But never again did I feel that regret which struck me at the death of the girl, for it makes my heart satisfied to think that I have always done everything in my power to fulfill my responsibilities as best I can.  As I grew up, changed and improved by this incident and many other similar ones, I began to perceive the changes taking place around me and to find that society, in a way, was in its formative years like myself. New buildings, new commodities and new fashions appear every day.  New ideas, new information, new technologies. People can talk with each other from any corner of the earth in a matter of seconds. Society is becoming more competitive.  Words like individuality and creativity are getting more emphasis and more people are rewarded for their hard work and efforts. Such is the era in which this generation ,grows and matures.  Such is the era in which this generation will take over the nation from our fathers and learn to run it. Yet in the meantime, many problems still exist.  We learn that crimes take place in broad daylight with crowds of people looking on and not assisting. We hear that there are still about 1 million children in this country who cant even afford to go to elementary schools while enormous sums of money are being squandered away on dinner parties and luxury cars.  We buy shoddy medicines, or merely worthless junk in the name of medicines, that aggravate, rather than alleviate our diseases since money, many people believe, is the most important thing in the world that must be made, even at the expense of morality and responsibility.  Such an era, therefore, determines that we are a generation with a keener sense of competition and efficiency and a greater readiness to think critically and act creatively.  Such an era, furthermore, demands, that we are a generation with a clear perception of our historical responsibility and an aggressive will to take action and solve the problems. History has long been preparing these qualities in this generation and it is now calling us forward to give testimony to our patriotism and heroism towards this nation and all humanity.  Standing here now, I think of the past 15 years of my life as an ordinary student. Probably Ill be an ordinary man for the rest of my life. But this doesnt discourage me any, for I know that with my sense of responsibility and devoted efforts to always strive, for the best, its going to be a meaningful and worthwhile life that I will be living.  Standing here now, I think of the past 15 years of this nation, which has achieved greatness that inspired millions of people of my age, most of whom will not attain fame or prestige and only a few of whom will be remembered by posterity. But that doesnt discourage us any, because we know that the world watches, the world listens, the world is waiting to see where this nation will be heading in a time of rich opportunities and fierce competition.  I cant ever forget that little girl in my class who couldnt had the same opportunities as any of us here to enjoy a wonderful life today and a hopeful world tomorrow.  It is the sacred responsibility of this generation to face up to the challenges of the new century and to devote our sweat and blood, our wisdom and passion, to the historic cause of making this nation a greater and happier land for every one of us.  We are not going to evade that responsibility. We are going to let people down. And people, far and near, will hear of us. Frost will be brought to their backbones and tears to their eyes when our stories are told and retold, So let us go forth, my fellow members of this luckily chosen generation, and meet the new century in victory and glory.英语课堂演讲稿8  Over the past Spring Festival, I got involved in a family dispute. Right before I got home, four satellite channels of CCTV were added to the 14 channels we had already had. In prime time at night, they all had interesting shows. Therefore, the five of us-my parents, my sisters and I-had to argue over what to watch. Finally, we agreed that we should watch the “most interesting” programme… If we could agree what that was.  However, all of us there remember that for a long time after we had TV, there were only one or two channels available. The increase in options reveals an important change in our life: the abundance of choice.  Fifteen years ago we all dressed in one style and in one colour. Today, we select from a wide variety of designs and shades.  Fifteen years ago, we read few newspapers. Today, we read English newspapers like the China Daily and the 21st Century, as well as various Chinese newspapers.  Fifteen years ago, English majors took only courses in language and literature. Today, we also study Western culture, journalism, business communications, international relations, and computer science.  The emergence of choices marks the beginning of a new era in Chinas history; an era of diversity, of material and cultural richness, and an era of the rebirth of the Chinese nation.  We enjoy the abundance of choice. But this has not come easily.  About 150 years ago, China was forced to open up its door by Western canons and gunboats. It has been through the struggle and sacrifice of generations that we finally have gained the opportunity to choose for ourselves. The policy of reform and openness is the choice that has made all the difference.  Like others of my age, Im too young to have experienced the time when the Chinese people had no right to choose. However, as the next century draws near, it is time to ask: What does choice really mean to us young people?  Is choice a game that relies on chance or luck? Is choice an empty promise that never materializes? Or is choice a puzzle so difficult that we have to avoid it?  First, I would like to say: To choose means to claim opportunities.  I am a third-year English major. An important choice for me, of course, is what to do upon graduation. I can go to graduate school, at home or abroad. I can go to work as a teacher, a translator, a journalist, an editor and a diplomat. Actually, the system of mutual selection has allowed me to approach almost every career opportunity in China.  Indeed, this is not going to be an easy choice. I would love to work in such big cities as Beijing or Shanghai or Shenzhen. I would also love to return to my hometown, which is intimate, though slightly lagging in development. I would love to stay in the coastal area where life is exciting and fast-paced. I would also love to put down roots in central and western China, which is underdeveloped, but holds great potential.  All of these sound good. But they are only possibilities. To those of us who are bewildered at the abundance of opportunities, I would like to say: To choose means to accept challenge.  To us young people, challenge often emerges in the form of competition. In the next century, competition will not only come from other college graduates, but also from people of all ages and of all origins.  With increasing international exchanges, we have to face growing competition from the whole outside world. This is calling for a higher level of our personal development.  Fifteen years ago, the knowledge of a foreign language or of computer operation was considered merely an advantage. But today, with wider educational opportunities, this same knowledge has become essential to everyone.  Given this situation, even our smallest choices will require great wisdom and personal determination.  As we gain more initiative in choice making, the consequence of each choice also becomes more important.  As we gain more initiative in choice making, the consequence of each choice also becomes more important.  Nuclear power, for instance, may improve our quality of life. But it can also be used to damage the lives and possessions of millions.  Economic development has enriched our lives but brought with it serious harm to our air, water and health.  To those of us who are blind to the consequences of their choices, I would like to say, To choose means to take responsibility. When we are making choices for ourselves, we cannot casually say: “Its just my own business. ” As policy makers of the next century, we cannot fail to see our responsibility to those who share the earth with us.  The traditional Chinese culture teaches us to study hard and work hard so as to honor our family. To me, however, this family is not just the five of us who quarreled over television programmes. Rather, it is the whole of the human family. As I am making my choices, I will not forget the smile of my teacher when I correctly spelled out the word “China” for the first time, I will not forget the happy faces of the boys and girls we helped to send back to school in the mountains of Jiangxi Province. I will not forget the tearful eyes of women and children in Bosnia, Chechnya and Somali, where millions are suffering from war, famine or poverty.  All these people, known and unknown, make up our big human family. At different points, they came into my life and broaden my perspective. Now as I am to make choices for myself, it is time to make efforts to improve their lives, because a world will benefit us all only if every one in it can lead a peaceful and prosperous life.英语课堂演讲稿9  as everyone knows,english is very important today.it has been used everywhere in the world.it has become the most common language on internet and for international trade. if we can speak english well,we will have more chance to succeed.because more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn english has increased at a high speed.  but for myself,i learn english not only because of its importance and its usefulness,but also because of my love for it.when i learn english, i can feel a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the world.when i read english novels,i can feel the pleasure from the book which is different from reading the translation.when i speak english, i can feel the confident from my words.when i write english,i can see the beauty which is not the same as our chinese…  i love english,it gives me a colorful dream.i hope i can travel around the world one day. with my good english, i can make friends with many people from different contries.i can see many places of great intrests.i dream that i can go to london,because it is the birth place of english.  i also want to use my good english to introduce our great places to the english spoken people,i hope that they can love our country like us.英语课堂演讲稿10  genghis khan, “khan of khans”, was the great leader of mongolians. at the end of 12th century, he united mongolian tribes and challenged other powers to expand his huge mongolian empire, which extended from south china to the caspian sea.  in 1277, khan attacked the west xia kingdom (presently ningxia) and encountered strong resistance. he died of disease and age. the great emperor was later buried secretly according to mongolian custom. it says that after the burial 2,000 men were slaughtered by some 800 soldiers who were in turn executed so that the location of the real tomb remains a secret.  there are four sacrifice ceremonies held annually to commemorate the great hero and leader of the mongolian people. the ceremony, held on march 21st on lunar calendar, is the grandest. after the ceremony, horse racing, archery and wrestling are held as entertainment.s(“content_relate”);【英语课堂演讲稿】相关文章:1.英语课堂演讲稿4篇2.初中英语课堂演讲稿精选3.3分钟的英语课堂演讲稿4.让学生动在英语课堂5.英语课堂的“活动”与“参与”6.谈谈英语课堂讨论环节7.高三英语课堂教案设计8.英语课堂教学的反思s(“content_bottom”);英语演讲稿图文推荐课堂英语演讲稿汉字演变英语演讲稿梦想优秀英语演讲稿学生会主席竞选英语演讲稿s(“related_top”);英语课堂演讲稿相关文章小学生校园安全的演讲稿大队长竞选演讲稿我有一个梦想演讲稿小学生学会感恩演讲稿祖国在我心中演讲稿小学生学会感恩的演讲稿课前三分钟演讲稿竞争上岗的演讲稿的写法竞聘上岗演讲稿小学生感恩父母演讲稿学生会竞选自我介绍演讲稿学习的演讲稿s(“related_bottom”);上一篇:英语课前3分钟演讲稿下一篇:英语故事演讲稿s(“right_top”);最新文章感恩的演讲稿专业技术岗位竞聘演讲稿大队长竞选演讲稿励志演讲稿感恩演讲稿青春的英语演讲稿竞聘储蓄事后监督的演讲稿我有一个梦想演讲稿英语课堂3分钟演讲稿交通安全反思演讲稿毕业典礼演讲稿竞聘总经理岗位的演讲稿学生会主席团成员竞选演讲稿升学宴演讲稿感恩演讲稿感恩父母演讲稿英语课堂演讲稿岗位竞聘演讲稿s(“right_mid”);猜你喜欢演讲稿演讲稿演讲稿学习演讲稿环保演讲稿自信演讲稿责任演讲稿护士演讲稿升旗演讲稿青春演讲稿就职演讲稿道德演讲稿护士演讲稿五四演讲稿安全演讲稿学生演讲稿s(“right_bottom”);声明:本网站尊重并保护知识产权,根据《信息网络传播权保护条例》,如果我们转载的作品侵犯了您的权利,请在一个月内通知我们,我们会及时删除。Copyright©2006-2021 优文网 unjs.com 版权所有document.write();document.write();

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