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学人智库当前位置:优文网资料大全学人智库我要投稿投诉建议考研英语核心词汇表最新(2)学人智库时间:2018-02-10我要投稿s(“content_top”);【www.unjs.com – 学人智库】  compare 比较,对照(with, to) compare the body to a finely tuned machine  compatible 能和睦相处的,合的来的 You should choose a roommate more compatible to your tastes.  compile 汇编,编制 compile an anthology of poems  comply 遵从,顺从,服从 comply with rules(safety regulations)  compose 组成,构成 England, Scotland, and Wales compose the island of Great Britain.  compress 压缩 He compresses a lifetime as a soldier into a few sentences  comprise 包含,包括 The shipyard comprises three docks.  compromise 妥协,折衷 compromise over the hard-fought next.  compulsory 必须做的,义务的 a compulsory subject  conceal 隐藏,隐瞒,隐蔽 He concealed his disappointment from his friends.  conceive 构想出,设想 conceive an idea  concentrate 集中,专心 concentrate one’s attention  condemn 谴责 We all condemn cruelty to children.  condense (使)压缩,(使)凝结,使简洁 condense a speech to half  confer 商谈,商议 confer with sb. Over (on, about, concerning) sth.  confess 坦白,供认,承认,忏悔 confess one’s crime  confidence 信任 break sb.’s confidence  confine 限制,使局限 They succeeded in confining the fire to a small area.  confirm 证实,肯定 confirm a rumour  conflict (尤指长期的)战争,战斗 The conflict between Greece and Troy lasted ten years.  conform 遵照,适应 confirm to(或 with) the rules(the law)confront (使)面临,(使)遭遇 The war confronted him with hardships.  confuse 使混乱,混淆 He confused the arrangements by arriving late.  connect 连接,连接 The bridge connects the island with(或 to) the mainland.  conscious 意识到的,自觉地 They were conscious that he disapproved.  consent 同意,赞同,准许 The people will never consent to another war.  conserve 保护,保藏,保存 conserve natural resources  consider 考虑,细想 Consider carefully before doing anything.  consist 组成,构成(of) The house consists of six rooms.  consolidate 巩固,加强 consolidate one’s position  conspicuous 显眼的,明显的,引人瞩目的 He felt as conspicuous as if he had stood on astage.  constant 经常的,不断的 a constant noise  constitute 组成,构成 constitute a threat to sb.  consult 请教,与……商量 consult a doctor about one’s illness  consume 消费,花费: consume much of one’s time in reading  contact 接触,联系,交往: be in contact with sb  contain 包括,容纳, a list containing twelve items  contaminate 弄脏,污染,玷污,毒害: Fumes contaminate the air  contempt 轻视,轻蔑:show a contempt for sb  contest 竞赛,比赛,竞争:the contest between the two powers for the control of the region  contract 合同,契约:enter into(make)a contact with  contradict 反驳,同….相矛盾,同….相抵触:The facts contradict his theory  contrary 相反的,对抗的:take the contrary view  contrast 对照,对比,(对比之下显出的)差异:the contrast between the two forms of government  contribute 捐(款等),捐献:He contributed 5dollars to the charity every payday  contrive 设计,想出:contrive a new method  controversy(尤之以文字形式进行的争论),辨证:a point of controversy  convention(正式)会议,(定期)大会:draft a new constitution at a convention  convert 转变,转化:convert coal to (into) pipeline gas  convey 运送,输送,传送:a wire conveys an electric current  convict(经审讯)证明…有罪,宣判…有罪:He was convicted of smuggling  coordinate 调节,协调:coordinate the functions of government agencies  cordial 热情友好的,热诚的,真心的:a cordial hello(smile, invitation)  correspond 相符合相称(to,with):Fulfillment seldom corresponds to anticipation  correspondent 通信者,通讯员,记者:a good(bad)correspondent  corresponding 符合的,一致的:corresponding fingerprints  corrode(渐渐)损害,(一点一点地)损伤:Bribery corrodes the confidence that must exist between buyer and seller  corrupt 堕落的,腐败的,贪赃舞弊的:lead a corrupt life  count 数,计算: count the money  course 课程,科目:an English course  courtesy 谦恭有礼。有礼的举止(或)言辞:come in without courtesy  credit 信任,可信性:I have full credit in your ability to do the job。  crucial 决定性的,关键性的:a crucial decisioncue 提示,暗号,信号:throw cues to sb  cultivate 耕作,栽培,养殖:cultivate vegetables  cure 治愈,医治:this medicine cured him of his pains。  cut 切,割,剪,砍,削; The Mayor cut the ribbon to open a trade exhibition.  dawn 黎明,拂晓 work from dawn to dark  dazzle (强光等)使目眩,耀眼:He was dazzled by his sudden success.  deceive 欺骗,蒙蔽:deceive oneself  decent 体面的,像样的:She didn’t have a decent dress for the ball.  decline 拒绝,谢绝:We sent him an invitation but he declined.  decompose 分解,腐烂,腐败:decompose a compound into its elements.  dedicate 奉献,把。。。用在(to): The doctor dedicated himself to finding a cure.  deduce 演绎,推论:From her conversation, I deduced that she had a large family.  define 解释,给。。。下定义: People define him as a genius.  deform(使)变形:Heat deforms plastic.  defy 公然违抗,反抗:He was going ahead defying all difficulties.  degenerate 衰退,堕落,变坏(into): Her eyesight degenerated with the years.  deliberate 慎重的,深思熟虑的:The government is taking deliberate action to lower prices.  delight 高兴,快乐:To the teacher’s great delight , all his students passed the examination.  deliver 投递,传送,运输:deliver the mail  demonstrate 论证,证明 :demonstrate a philosophical principle  denote 表示,是。。。的标志,意思是:A frown often denotes displeasure.  dense 稠密的,密集的:a dense forest  deposit 存放: She deposited her bag in the cloakroom.  depress 使沮丧,使消沉:That movie depressed me.  deprive 剥夺,使丧失:deprive sb. of his property  derive 取得,得到:He derived his enthusiasm for literature from his father.  descend 下来,下降:Darkness descended too soon.  deserve 应得,值得:The question deserves consideration.  designate 指明,表明:designate boundaries  desolate 荒芜的,不毛的:desolate land  despise 蔑视,鄙视:He despises flattery.  detach 拆卸:They detached their trailer and set up camp.  detain 留住,担搁:be detained by business.  detect (当场)发现(某人在干坏事):detect a student cheating  deteriorate (使)恶化,(使)变坏,(使)退化: Relations between the two countries began to deteriorate.  deviate 背离,偏离:deviate from the rule  devote 将…献给(to):Mary devoted her life to caring for the sick.  diagnose 诊断,判断:The doctor diagnosed the illness as influenza.  dictate 口授,使听写:dictate a letter to a secretary  differentiate 使不同,使有差别,区分,区别:differentiate varieties of plants  diffuse 扩散(气体,液体等):The colors of the sunset were diffused across the sky.  diminish 减少,降低:His illness diminished his strength.diplomat 外交家,外交官,圆滑的人:a career diplomat  discard 丢弃,抛弃:discard an old pair of shoes  discern 看出,觉察出:We could discern from his appearance that he was upset.  disclose 揭露,透露,使公开:disclose information to sb.  discharge 释放:The judge found him not guilty and discharged him.  discount 把(价格,费用等)打折扣,削价出售:The store discounts 3 per cent on all bills paid when due.  discriminate 区别,辨别:It’s difficult to discriminate between the twin brothers.  disgrace 丢脸,耻辱:bring disgrace on oneself  disgust 厌恶,恶心:feel disgust for bad odors  disperse 分散,驱散,散去:Police dispersed the rioters with tear gas  displace 移动。。。的位置:Many of the inhabitants were displaced by the rising floodwaters  dispose 布置,整理:The stores disposed the jewellery in an attractive display  disregard 不理会,不顾:Disregard the noise and keep working  distinct 有区别的,不同的:Three distinct types of people  distort 扭歪,扭曲:a face distorted by (或 with)pain  distract 使转向:be distracted from one’s original purpose  distribute 分配,分发:distribute the prizes among the winners  divorce 离婚,分离,脱离:sue for a divorce  dominate 分配,统治:a white dominated society  donate 捐赠,赠送:They donate to the Red Cross every year.  doom 命运,厄运,劫数:His doom was to be poverty.  doze 打瞌睡,打盹儿:The old lady dozed in her armchair.  drain 慢慢排去:drain water from a pool  dread 怕,畏惧:I dread to think of what may happen.  drift 漂流,漂泊:The sounds of music drifted up to us.  dubious 引起怀疑的,不确定的:a dubious reply  due 欠款的,应支付的:A great deal of money is due to you.  dump 倾倒,倾卸:He opened his bag and dumped its contents on the desk.  duplicate 完全一样的,复制的:a duplicate key  durable 耐用的:a durable fabric  dwell (dwelt 或 dwelled )(尤指作为常住居民)居住: dwell on an island  economical 节约的,节俭的,经济的: an economical stove  edge 边,棱: At the edge of the lake women were doing their washing  edible 可以吃的,可食用的:edible oil  elaborate 精心计划(或制作)的,详尽的:an elaborate plot  elevate 举起,提高,抬起:elevate the living standards of the people  eliminate 排除,消除:eliminate the exploitation of man by man  elite 出类拔萃的人(或物),精华:the elite of the society  eloquent 雄辩的,口才流利的,有说服力的:an eloquent spokesman  embark 上船(或飞机,汽车等):embark for Europe at New York harbor  embody 使具体化,表现:embody principles in actions  embrace 拥抱:She embraced her son tenderlyemigrate 移居外国(或外地区):emigrate from Canada to Australia  emit 发出,散发(光,热,电度,声音,液体,气味等),发射电子:The chimney emitted a cloud of smoke  enclose (从四面八方)围住,包围:enclose a porch with glass  encounter 意外的遇见,遭遇:encounter an old friend in the theatre  endeavor (为达到某一目的而)努力,尝试:How much he endeavored, goal stayed unattained  energy 活力,精力:a man of energy  enforce 实施,使生效:The principal enforced the rules of the school  engage (用契约诺言等)约束,使订婚:He engaged himself as an apprentice to a printer  enhance 提高(价格,质量,吸引力等),增加,增强:enhance one’s reputation  enlighten 启发,使摆脱偏见(或迷信)Would you enlighten me on your plans for the future?  enroll 吸收(成员),招生:The school enrolled about 300 pupils last year  ensure 保证,担保:His industriousness and ability will ensure his success  entertain 给。。。娱乐,使有兴趣:The child is entertaining himself with his building blocks  entitle 给。。。权利,给。。。资格(to):Robert was entitled to see the documents  equivalent 相等的,相同的:The misery of such a position is equivalent to its happiness  erase 擦掉,抹掉,消除:erase the chalk marks  erect 竖直的,垂直的,竖起的:an erect tree  erupt (火山,喷泉等)喷发:The volcano is due to erupt any day  essence 本质,实质,要素:Being thoughtful of others is the essence of politeness  eternal 永恒的,永存的,永久的:eternal truths  evaluate 估价,评价:evaluate property  evaporate (使)蒸发,(使)挥发:Heats evaporate water  exaggerate 夸张,夸大,对…言过其实:keep to the facts and don’t exaggerate  exceed 超出,胜过:Her performance exceeded all the others  excess 超越,超过:an excess of supply over demand  execute 实行,实施,执行,履行:execute a plan  exemplify 例示,举例证明,是…的例证(或榜样等):The teacher exemplified the use of the word  exert 用力,尽力:exert all one’s strength  exhaust 汲空,抽完:exhaust a well  expand 扩大,扩展,膨胀:Reading(travel)expands one’s mind  expel 驱逐,赶走:expel an invader from a country  expend 花费,消费(on, in):They expended all their strength in (on) trying to climb out  expire 满期,届期,(期限)终止:His term of office expires this year  explicit 详尽的,明确的:give explicit directions  exploit 英勇的或冒险的行为或事迹:The daring of exploit of the parachutists were much admired  exterior 外部的,外面的,外表的:exterior decorations  external 外面的,外部的:external signs of a disease  extinct (火等)熄灭了的:an extinct cigarette(fire)  extinguish 熄灭,扑灭:extinguish a cigarette(candle)  extract 取出,提取:extract a confession  extravagant 奢侈的,浪费的:be extravagant in one’s way of livings(“content_bottom”);上一篇:考研英语新题型解读下一篇:考研英语四大解题技巧讲解相关文章国家公务员申论范文:绿色建筑乡镇稳赚不赔的创业项目有哪些?18个适合草根的小型投资创业项目15个50万创业项目强荐(2)谨防三类创业陷阱各省公务员报名要注意分清学历和农村创业的机会转学证明书范本公积金补缴证明模板创业之前需要做好的准备事项如何优化你的创业团队23个小本挣钱创业好项目s(“related_bottom”);s(“right_top”);最新文章旅游英语专业毕业生求职信模板小本投资什么最赚钱?推荐18个创职场上的道歉特别需要技巧职场技巧大全职场理财的四个人生阶段关于职场“十不要”大学生自主创业的方法中国四大名著歇后语s(“right_mid”);推荐文章公积金补缴证明模板创业之前需要做好的准备事项如何优化你的创业团队23个小本挣钱创业好项目乡镇稳赚不赔的创业项目有哪些?有5000块钱怎么投资?5000块钱创居民区热门投资小本创业项目(2)旅游英语专业毕业生求职信模板s(“right_bottom”);声明:本网站尊重并保护知识产权,根据《信息网络传播权保护条例》,如果我们转载的作品侵犯了您的权利,请在一个月内通知我们,我们会及时删除。Copyright©2006-2021 优文网 unjs.com 版权所有 手机版document.write();document.write();

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