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英语试题当前位置:优文网学习文档试题英语试题 第一学期期末测试题Unit 1-14我要投稿投诉建议第一学期期末测试题Unit 1-14时间:2008-04-26 12:55:02英语试题我要投稿s(“content_top”);第一学期期末测试题(Unit 1-14)第一学期期末测试题(Unit 1-14)Ⅰ.单词辨音从A、B、C、D中找出划线部分与所给单词划线部分读音相同的选项1.send A.even   B.between C.safely D.metal2.Christmas A.dictation B.fireplace C.save   D.arrive3.each A.break B.seat C.headmaster D.dead4.mirror A.order B.world C.inventor D.corner5.spy A.try B.lazy C.merry D.chimneyⅡ.单词拼写从下列各组单词中选出一个拼写有错误的单词6.A.hurry B.instraction C.become D.mirror7.A.chimney B.receive C.bestival D.mutton8.A.narrow B.centre C.tegather D.journey9.A.computor B.tractor C.motor D.foreigner10.A.merry B.follou C.straight D.clearlyⅢ.词语释义根据英语释义和所给首字母写出相应的单词11.a person from another country (f______)12.to stop living (d______)13.move in a hurry (r______)14.very happy (m______)15.give an answer when you dont really know (g______)Ⅳ.动词填空用括号中所给动词的适当时态填空16.His brother ______ (join) the army three years ago.17.The headmaster (take) part in a meeting next week.18.The teacher asked me (help) Mary with her lessons yesterday afternoon.19.Miss Green (teach) in the school for five years.20. I______ (do) my homework when mother came back from work yesterday.Ⅴ.改写句子根据各题中A句意思,完成B句,每空一词21.A: Weve been at this school for about two years.  B: Weve been at this school ______ two years ______ .22.A: My house is about twenty minutes by bike.  B: It ___ me about twenty minutes ______ go to school by bike.23.A: We are doing well in English.  B: We are ______ ______ English.24.A: Dont worry. Ill look after Polly when you are away.  B: Dont worry. Ill ______ good care ______ Polly when you are away.25.A: Han Meimei went home after she cleaned the classroom yesterday afternoon.  B: Han Meimei ______ go home ______ she cleaned the classroom yesterday afternoon.Ⅵ.单项填空从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出正确答案26.His full name is Robert Thomas Brown. We call him ______.  A.Mr Robert B.Mr Thomas  C.Mr Brown D.Mrs Brown27.Mr Wang is one of ______ in our school.  A.the most popular teachers  B.the most popular teacher  C.the popularest teachers  D.the popularest teacher28.What ______ you ______ when it began to rain?  A.do… do B.were… doing  C.are… doing D.did… do29.______elephant is much heavier than ___ tiger.  A.The… a B.A… the  C.A… a D.An… a30. Its ______ watch. Take it please.  A.quite a nice B.a quite nice  C.a nice quite D.quite nice a31.We ______ out to play until the bell rings.  A.will go B.went  C.wont go D.dont go32.In our country, the ______is the first name.  A.given name B.family name  C.middle name D.second name33.Why didnt you go to visit the Science Museum?Because I ______it.  A.visited B.have visited  C.was visiting D.will visit34.We must all be strict ______our work.  A.with B.at  C.on D.in35.—-______ you ever ______Australia?—-No , never.  A.Have… gone B.Have… been  C.Have… been to D.Have… gone to36.Li Lei is one of the best students in his class. Im sure he will do______ the exams.  A.well in B.good at  C.well at D.good in37.Mother is ill and we have to ______ a doctor.  A.send B.call at  C.send for D.bring to38.Our teachers______ to Beidaihe next month___ a holiday.  A.will go… on B.are going… for  C.will leave… for D.are coming… on39.He______ the cup______ water.  A.filled… with B.fulled… with  C.full… of D.is full… with40. Our teacher told us that the earth______ around the sun.  A.went B.goes  C.go D.goingⅦ.补全对话完成下列对话,每空一词A: Hello, Lucy!B: Hello, Ma Lili!A: 41 we have an English test the day after tomorrow?B: No, we shant. Why! Its Sunday.A: Oh, yes. 42 the way, what are you going to do this Sunday?B: I have no idea. What about you?A: Meimei and I are going to the Great Wall. 43 you please go with us?B: Sorry! Iv been there already.A: When did you go there?B: Two weeks 44 .A: Did you enjoy it?B: Yes, of course. 45 beautiful it is! Ive never seen 46 a Great Wall before. When was it built?A: About two thousand years ago. Who did you go with?B: My parents and Lily.A: Did they enjoy it, too?B: Yes.A: 47 48 did you stay there?B: For about five hours.A: Have you been to other places of interest?B: Not 49 . But weve decided to visit most of them before we leave China.A: Im sure youll have a very nice time in China.B: I think 5041.______42.______43.______44.______45.______46.______47.______48.______49.______50.______Ⅷ.阅读理解(A)先阅读下列短文,然后根据文章内容判断正(√),误(×)“Tomorrow well see the Golden Gate Bridge,” said Peter. “Ive never seen a golden bridge before. ”Peters father smiled, but he said nothing. Peter would soon see the bridge.The next morning, his father took Peter to the bridge. Peter first saw it from far away. How big it looked! But then he saw something else. The bridge was red!“The bridge isnt golden!” he said. “Why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge?”“It isnt named for its colour,” said his father. “Its named for the Golden Gate. ”“Whats the Golden Gate?” asked Peter.“A gate is either an opening or a thing that closed an opening. ” said his father. “The Golden Gate is an opening in the land. Water from the sea comes through this opening into San Francisco Bay”.“Oh , ” said Peter. “And the bridge is over the opening. But why is the opening called the Golden Gate?”“Years ago men came to California (加利福尼亚) to look for gold (黄金),” his father said. “Many came by ship. They came into the bay through that opening. For them it was a gate to gold. So they named it the Golden Gate. ”“Well,” said Peter, “I still think the bridge should look golden. ”When Peter got home, he sent a letter to a California paper. In the letter he said: “Red is not the right colour for the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge should look golden. ”Peter sent $ 14.78 dollars with his letter. It was all the money he saved. “This money is to help paint the bridge gold, ” he wrote.Many people read Peters letter in the newspaper. Right away, things began to happen! Some people sent money. A big company gave real gold paint. A paint company made the paint.But not all of the people wanted to change the colour of the bridge. Some people still wanted the bridge to be red.Will the Golden Bridge ever (永远) be golden? Perhaps, if enough, people feel as Peter does.( )51.Peter thought the bridge should be golden.( )52.The Golden Gate Bridge is named for its colour.( )53.Peter sent some money and a letter to a California paper.( )54.After people read Peters letter in the newspaper, they gave a lot of money to him.( )55.All the people wanted to change the colour of the bridge.(B)先阅读下列短文,然后根据文章内容,选择正确答案Once there was a king. He liked to write stories. He thought his stories were good, so he liked to show them to people. As people were afraid of him, they all said that his siories were very good.One day, the king showed some of his best stories to a famous writer. He wanted the writer to praise(称赞)these storles. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into the fire. The king got very angry with him and sent him to prison.After some time the king set him free and ordered him to come to his palace. Again he showed some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them. After reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said,“Take me back to Prison, please.”56. The king thought his stories were good so ______.  A. people liked them  B.he liked to show them to people  C. he didt show any to the famous writer  D.he only showed some to the famous writer57. The famous writer was thrown into prison only because ______.  A. he said the king s stories were bad  B.he couldn t write some good stories for the king  C. he was afraid of the king  D.he was afraid of the kings good stories58. People were afraid of the king because ______.  A. the stories were interesting  B.the king was kind  C. they would be sent to prison  D.the king wrote many stories59. Again the king showed the writer some of his new stories because______.  A. he wanted to know what the writer thought of them  B.he wanted to send the writer to prison  C. he wanted the writer to copy the stories for him  D.he wanted to be angry with the writer60. When we read the writers words, “Take me back to prison, please”, we can be sure that ______.  A. the writer wanted to see his wife in prison  B.the writer liked the new stories  C. the writer would write some stories while in prison  D.the kings new stories were not good at allIX.完形填空阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从A、B、C、D中选出一个可以填入相应空白处的最佳答案,将其字母标号填入题前的括号内Wei Hua had a busy day yesterday. She got up before 7oclock in the 61 , and quickly washed her hands and face. She got to school early. She had 62 rest after lunch, butshe 63 hard in class all day. She played basketball 64 school, and then walked home.Wei Huas pen was broken, so she needed a 65 one. On her way home she 66 a new pen at a shop. When shereached home she had a short rest and drank a cup of water. After that she helped her parents. She quickly cooked the supper, 67 cleaned the house. She 68 TV for half an hour after 69 . Then she started her homework. She finished her homework at half past nine. She went to bed before a quarter to ten.I asked Wei Hua this question: “ Do you enjoy 70 ?”“Yes, I do”, she answered, “I like to keep busy!”61.A.evening B. afternoon  C.night D. morning62.A.few B. a few  C.some D. a little63.A.worked B. works C.will work D. is working64.A.after B. before  C.in D. on65.A.blue B. long  C.old D. new66.A.borrowed B. found  C.bought D. took away67.A.but B. and  C.or D. so68.A.watched B. saw  C.looked at D. noticed69.A.breakfast B. lunch  C.supper D. tea70.A.reading B. rest  C.work D. writings(“content_relate”);【第一学期期末测试题(Unit 1-14)】相关文章:1.第一学期期末测试题2.第一学期期末测试题3.第一学期期末测试题4.初二第一学期数学期末测试题(2)5.三年级第一学期英语期末测试题6.八年级第一学期期末测试题7.初二第一学期数学期末测试题8.第一学期三年级英语期末测试题及答案s(“content_bottom”);英语试题图文推荐初中二年级英语期中复习测试题及答案八年级上册英语unit4第1课时练习题高一年级英语语法专项试题外研版英语七年级下册Module4 Unit1练习题s(“related_top”);第一学期期末测试题Unit 1-14相关文章初一上册英语unit4同步练习题目初一英语下册第一单元练习题小学英语一年级下册练习题八年级英语期末测试A卷小学四年级英语第七单元练习题英语二年级上册综合练习题一年级英语期末考前练习题举例四年级下册英语Unit4Hobbie练习题八年级 (上) 3单元测试 (A卷)二年级英语上册Unit4练习题小升初英语冲刺练习题Unit 4 Travel 习题2s(“related_bottom”);上一篇:第一学期期中测试题Unit 1―7下一篇:上学期期末测试卷s(“right_top”);最新文章牛津版小学二年级英语练习题小升初英语练习题辽宁高三第二次联合模拟考试小学四年级英语unit2sportsandgames练习题一年级英语上册寒假练习题的总结牛津版小学生四年级英语上册的同步练习题目名师点播:My favorite subject is science一年级英语Im a boy练习题小学生四年级英语下册练习题一年级英语上册寒假练习题分享八年级 (上) 期末测试 (C卷)三年级第一学期英语期末测试题《Water sports 》同步习题2二年级英语上册Module 2Unit 2练习题初中英语练习题推荐七年级英语02-03上学期期末测试卷高一 The necklace 综合能力测试题第一学期期末测试题s(“right_mid”);猜你喜欢期末总结学生期末评语期末自我总结期末工作总结高中教师期末评语学期末个人总结教师期末工作总结期末工作总结教师期末教学工作总结小学期末简短操行评语学生会期末工作总结小学班主任期末总结班主任期末工作总结教师个人学期末工作总结小学期末工作总结幼儿园期末工作总结s(“right_bottom”);声明:本网站尊重并保护知识产权,根据《信息网络传播权保护条例》,如果我们转载的作品侵犯了您的权利,请在一个月内通知我们,我们会及时删除。Copyright©2006-2021 优文网 unjs.com 版权所有document.write();document.write();

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